The Restless Wanderlust Awakens….


With the survival of winter, the first one in 13 years, I emerge from my cave of hibernation to begin worshiping the sun again.  Let the Vitamin D soak into my skin.

Currently, I am exploring options for my next adventure.  Of course, the most economical is the best.  I don’t expect things to go smoothly or perfectly, as that would be way too boring.  Just don’t let danger find me or anything tragic happen and I’m all good.

I struggle of where to go to next is real as it can get because I honestly want to go everywhere. Nowhere shy of war-torn areas or any locations posing a threat to my safety exist that I wouldn’t want to go.  Language barriers, so what !!!  I’ve always dealt with not really being able to communicate with others for months at a time.  They have these great picture books that you can just point to and that can get your point across.

One obstacle that stands in the way comes in the form of $$$.  How the hell will the next escape be financed?  For how long, and should I just stay put and see one or two cities or try to squeeze in a few because who knows when another opportunity will arise?

I know about Skyscanner, Airbnb, Couchsurfing, Global Freeloaders, HelpX, and Workaway.  Do any of you know of any other places I should search?  Also, I would love to hear from those who have done house sitting.  I find that intriguing as well.

Don’t be shy about any don’ts, as I will take all the advice I can get.


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