Say It Ain’t Sardines….

Say what?  Yep, a year ago, it would have taken a gun to my head  o even try them.  But all of that has changed since I learned of the health benefits.

Before my hysterectomy, I had serious problems with heavy menses and my iron levels. Honestly, if I had known these little fish could have helped me restore my vitamin B levels naturally, along with a whole host of other vitamins and minerals, I would have been on all over them.

I will admit, seeing those eyes looking back at me and the thought of eating the bones scared me shitless.  Even if they were beheaded, nothing seemed to be appetizing about tinned fishies drowning in oil.

So how did I come to try them?  The first time, a Brazilian lady offered one to me after I exclaimed in horror at the mere sight of them.  I gave it a go and was surprised it wasn’t so bad.  I mean, after all, I do eat tinned tuna.  I wasn’t sold though.  My Spanish friends from the same hostel took me out to restaurant only a few steps around the corner to try some papalina (similar to sardines, but larger and fresh).  The crispy pieces of fish resembled the familiar taste of fish sticks.  A squeeze of fresh lemon, perfect !!!

All in all, I encourage you to try out the sardines.  If the thought of eating them straight from the tin is unappealing, throw them in the skillet and allow the skin to get a bit crispy and pair it with a salad.  Alternately, you can bake them in the oven or throw them on the BBQ grill.  Check out Google for some recipe ideas.


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