What’s Shakin’ Bacon ?!?

So I’ve been M.I.A. for quite some time now.   All I can say is that my life has changed drastically.  Ups and downs, highs and low, and since all of my fellow Americans know and understand how much the dynamics have changed in our country, I need not say more about how this has taken a toll on everyone.  The political election process is really the bane of our existence because everything is just downright stressful for all party lines.  With that said, this is where I will end my electoral statements.

2016 was definitely a year of firsts, highlights and busyness for me.  I moved around a lot; from Montenegro (2 months since Nov 2015) to Croatia (3m), Germany (2.5m due to for visa reasons), Serbia (1m to wait to re-enter Croatia) and back to Croatia.  Zagreb is my home for now.  In the most unlikely expectations, I fell in love but had to leave the country.  This process of separation and careful review of my wants and desires really came into play.  So often, we judge those in the US who are immigrants, whether illegal, brought there due to asylum, or for whatever other reasons.  It is so easy to say, “speak English” or “deport illegals” or “make it so much harder to come into our country”.  Most people are law-abiding, moral people who may be caught up with the fear of being deported because their visas have expired, they don’t have the representation or funds to move forward through legal channels to obtain citizenship or permanent residence, so they resort to more drastic measures,  by overstaying or hiding out to stay with families/friends and laying low.  My attitude changed (however, I think I was already pretty lenient with my views on this already), when I found myself with the situation of having to part from my loved one to wait out my time so we could be reunited.  And trust me, what I had to go through was much easier than what people in the US have to do.

The process for me to become a temporary resident of Croatia wasn’t too difficult.  The most complicated part entailed obtaining the proper information from officials and even updating the US Embassy here in Zagreb, because they had misinformation simply because they were acting in accordance with what most most countries (including the US) require.  That will be another post, as that process took about four months, which in retrospect was nothing.

It’s 2017! My presence seemed so worn down. Through research and watching documentaries about holistic health and nourishment, I have taken it upon myself to just listen to my body and purge the toxins in a variety of different ways.  Spring is upon us, and with this season comes rebirth and rejuvenation.  I am in the process of taking a more holistic approach to my well-being.  This includes walks, yoga, eating more thoughtfully, meditation, and trying to get more sleep.  Detoxification definitely comes into play.  I am working to clear my mind of clutter, be cognizant of physical and emotion clutter as well.

My hopes are that this blog will help me stay on course with my goals and allow me to reflect on actions, reactions, and document my progress so I can continually actualise my growth.  I’m curious to see what steps you all are taking and what journey you will make for your own progress and growth.


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