Meet my new best friend

Yep, that’s right !!!  A BIKE 🙂

It’s amazing how 16 years just goes right by since I’ve been on one.  And it was pretty terrifying.  I felt so naked without a helmet, but guess what?  It’s true what they say; you never forget how to ride a bike.

I will say this much.  Braking, riding with one hand, crossing at intersections, dealing with turns and approaching people took some getting used to.  I jumped on one of the bikes provided my wonderful Workaway hostess, Anja, and easily covered about 16km leisurely yesterday morning.  All was great until after work, that leisurely ride for sundries at the closest DM (closest thing to Walgreens without the pharmacy) and the rain came down, cold and somewhat relentlessly.  Definitely provided some entertainment and challenge, which is never a bad thing.  Great exercise and terrific scenery.  All in all it was worth it.  Only heard thunder once!  Yippee Ki-Yay !!!!

Here she is, a Gazelle!  Ain’t she a beaut ?!?

I included some pics of the wonderful landscape on such a gorgeous day 🙂

IMG_9002  IMG_9001IMG_9014 IMG_9017 IMG_9019


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